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Foxtail Palms - Wodyetia Bifurcata

Foxtail Palms (Wodyetia Bifurcata) are a native to the rainforests of Queensland. Popular with landscpaers becuase of the attractive nature of the feathery foliage. They are also reasonably cold tolerant and disese resistant.

The Foxtail Palm is a hardy palm that is used widely in both commercial and domestic situations. Foxtail Palms will reach a height of 9m depending on conditions and are great to create a tropical feeling near swimming pools.


  • full sun to part shade
  • fertilize every 8 weeks during active growth
  • do not over water - allow to almost dry out between waterings
  • remove old foliage leaving a 15 cm stub on the trunk
  • good air circulation both indoors and outside promotes a healthy tree

Foxtail Palms - Wodyetia Bifurcata - Wholesalers in Australia

CHINA TRADING Co. Pty Ltd email:
ph 02 6674 5698 Mob 0412888112 (Graham Todd)
Advanced palms from all over Australia delivered in Australia and Overseas. Zamia Palms, Grass Trees, Queensland Bottle Trees & Livistona Palms

PLANTMARK - Merrimac phone 07 5530 3111
178 Gooding Drive Merrimac QLD 4226 email
One of Australia's largest wholesale trade nurseries. Over 30,000 species available, tubestock to advanced trees, an almost unlimited choice of plants.

Self cleaning palms and other plants also propagated. From cuttings, rooted cuttings to the sun hardened stage in pots from 6" (150mm) to 10" (250mm) Cuban Royals, Foxtail Palms, Bismarkia, Carpentaria, Princess, Rednecks, Vechia, McAuthorite, Golden Cane, Travellers/Nth Sth, Triangle.

PALMS BY PEELDALE(Peeldale Pty. Ltd.) - phone: 0266845221 / 0414845221
Walkers Lane Billinudgel 2483
Specialising in 25 litre bags, being both easily managed and affordable by the end user.

PALMS OF THE ORIENT - phone: (08) 94548998
11 Brand Rd High Wycombe. WA 6057
Rhapis Palms, Palm of the Orient, Plain Green and Variegated palms. Palm collector, registered hobby nursery.

TOUGH PALMS NURSERY - phone: (07) 40591391
15 Nicholas St Clifton Beach QLD 4879
Palms, Cycads, Foliage Plants, Shrubs. Catalogue available.

PALMS R Us - phone: 07) 41253084
61 Senior Drive Torquay Hervey Bay. QLD
Approx 60 varieties of both full sun and shade palms (9ltr to 45ltr) as well as cycads.