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Ravenala Madagascariensis Traveller's Palm

This is really a Tropical Tree native to Madagascar and Ravenala Madagascariensis or Traveller's Palm is not really a palm at all. Very showy fan of foliage and leaves that look simulate to the giant strelitzia to which it is related. Over time it will reach 7 - 10 m in height.

Individual leaves are held erect on long stems and good specimens will eventually form a wonderful fan shaped arrangement.

With its large rhizomotous root system and in time it will sucker, best planted away from swimming pools. Suckers or offshoots can be removed with a little of the root system and replanted. Because of the very attractive nature of the foliage the Traveler's Palm makes an excellent specimen tree in an open position. However they do need protection from winds as the leaves can become tatty and shredded in strong winds,

They can be grown in containers however as the initial growth rate is fast, many gardeners who do not have the space, will grow for 3 years and then use offsets to start new plants, discarding the larger older plant. In a larger container they are happy for many years.

When grown in containers indoors growth rate is restricted a little.

The common name Traveler's palm comes from the structure of the leaves, The base of each leave forms a cup which will collect water, Traveler's can drink the water.

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